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Melt Away Aromas

Carpet Freshener

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Our carpet fresheners can be used for so many different things other than just freshening your carpets!

You can also

Sprinkle them in the bottom of your bin inside the liner to leave it smelling fresher

Use them on your couch before hoovering to remove any unwanted odours and keep it smelling fresh

Sprinkle a small amount inside of shoes to remove bad smells

Sprinkle on top on top of mattresses when changing the bedding to keep the mattress which can also help remove slights stains and help it stay fresh

Pour some into your mop bucket so you can also keep your hard floors smelling nice

Available in 100g pouches 

Our Fragrances are no way affiliated with the designer fragrance companys. Our diffusers are inspired by, and simply smell similar to the original fragrances.